For some people, maybe there are still many who think if the exhaust on their cars that are rarely used will not cause problems. This is the wrong assumption, precisely in conditions like this, car exhaust is prone to problems, because the exhaust can rust which eventually causes porousness.

Well, for those of you who are experiencing conditions like the above or want to pay attention to the exhaust of the car so that you avoid things that are not desirable, it would be wise if you know some tips on caring for good and correct car exhaust:

Use a wire brush, fine sandpaper and cloth

These three tools can be used to clean the rusty outer exhaust.

You can clean it by wiping it, brushing it regularly so it doesn't rust. And if there is rust, you can also sand it regularly to remove rust.

Use rust proof liquid

If your car is hit by rain, you should immediately wash the car using clean water and special car shampoo (many are sold in the market).

Then dry all parts of your car until it is completely dry, after that spray anti-rust liquid (also sold on the market) on the parts of the car that need it.

Add a few drops of oil to the drain hole

This method is important to avoid rust inside the exhaust. If you have already done this and then want to start the engine, you need not worry if your exhaust will emit white smoke, because this is the result of expansion from the oil you have put into the drain hole to shed rust inside the exhaust hole.

Heat the car engine

Even though you rarely use a car, don't forget to heat your car's engine regularly.

This is important to prevent rust in some parts of the car, including exhaust.

Steps you can take after heating the car's engine and turning it off again, which must be considered is when you want to turn off the engine, step on the gas pedal until it reaches the highest rpm twice, then turn off your car's engine.

This is useful for removing the remaining water content inside the exhaust.

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