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Car specs, or car specs, provide a snapshot of important and general vehicle details shown by car dealers in dealers. This information may be as a template attached to a car window or given to you as a handout when you come across a particular car. Knowing these specs and how it can cause you as a potential vehicle owner can help you save time and make sure you get the right car for your lifestyle.

Car specs are usually seen in the category of construction, operation, and performance. Construction specs can include basic dimension factors such as height and weight, as well as deep details such as the car's axle wheel and cargo capacity. Operating specs include features such as AC, cruise control and seating materials. Performance specifications indicate how the vehicle can be expected to drive and, yes, do. This may include fuel economy and radiation activating the vehicle.

Construction specs are often presented as simple data blocks. Brighter vehicles are often used in fuel, but they also can not use the power or traction of the heavier versions. High vehicles can be tragic if you often drop in a bridge or through a short drive-through location. This is a major factor driving a truck or a large van. Other publicly reported information includes vehicle and ground bridges. This is important for those who drive.

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